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Guest Post: It’s #SelfLoveSeason Y’all

This post was written by Morgan and originally posted on her blog in March 2017. Follow her on Twitter (@hervsworld) and Instagram (@_hervsworld). Thank you, Morgan for your awesome post!

Hey loves! It’s March and we’re on the horizon of my favorite seasons, Spring and Summer. I love the warm weather, sunny skies, and bright colors… oh, and my birthday’s in July! Spring and Summer signify happiness, in my opinion.

One of the positives, but also negatives, of this time of year is that everything starts to slllooowww dowwwnnn. The days get longer, school winds down, and for me personally, work slows down as well. This leaves a lot more free time on my hands than usual. As someone whose life pretty much revolves around work and school, it’s easy for me to get bored and start questioning who I am outside of my accomplishments.

This year I’ve decided to dedicate spring and summer to finding new hobbies and activities I enjoy, and getting rid of some of the meaningless, time-was…

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