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Situationships...Why Buy the Cow?

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Rewind to a year and a half ago, when my current fiance was my....boyfriend? Lover? Uh, what? Perhaps you’re familiar with the feeling. You’re “with” someone, but it’s not official. It appears to be, but there has been no communicated agreement. Apparently, these days this is called a “situationship.” These type of relationships get a bad rep.The assumption is that in situationships, the other person doesn’t take you seriously. We all fear the dreaded words, “you’re not my girl.” Are they only using us? Are they afraid of commitment?

While I can empathize with that idea, I don’t believe it to be entirely true. Before my boyfriend became my actual boyfriend, we did the situationship thing for a while. Naturally, I had no problem with it. I was never in a rush to be committed to anyone. It was important to us to communicate so were on the same page about where our relationship was going. Then I let the Internet get into my head.

I remember the dark, scary …

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